• Treatment Options for Acne
    Acne is one of the most common skin conditions your dermatologist treats. If you have acne, you deserve the services of a specialist in skin conditions. You need the expertise Read more
  • What is a Chemical Peel?
    At the Beverly Hills Skincare Institute in Beverly, Hills, MI, we understand the importance of taking great care of your skin. If you are concerned about the look of fine Read more
  • Are You Keeping a Good Skincare Routine?
    Taking care of your skin is important. Your skin protects your vital organs. Your skin also improves your appearance and helps you look younger. Taking care of your skin begins Read more
  • What Causes Acne?
    Is acne affecting your self-confidence? Don’t fret. Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins at Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute in Beverly Hills, MI can help you kick it to the curb and enjoy Read more
  • FAQs About Chemical Peels
    When your skin is not looking as young and glowing as you would like, chemical peels in Beverly Hills, MI are something that should be considered. Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins of Beverly Hills Read more
  • FAQS About Laser Hair Removal
    If you struggle with constantly having to shave or pluck hairs from different places on your body, you might be wondering if there’s another solution that can make hair removal Read more
  • Could Medical Dermatology Help Me?
    Dermatology is an important area of medicine. Many people think of dermatology as the medical specialty to help them look more attractive. This is cosmetic dermatology. There is another type Read more
  • Skin Care Tips for the Fall
    Your skin needs protection through all seasons of the year. Now that fall is here, and winter is approaching fast, you need to know how to protect your skin through Read more
  • How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
    Just about everyone has at one point struggled with unwanted hair, and almost as many have had to deal with hair removal treatments that were either too uncomfortable, too inconvenient, Read more
  • How a Chemical Peel Can Rejuvenate Your Skin
    When it comes to dealing with issues like fine lines and wrinkles, you’ve got a lot of options. One method for smoothing out your skin is with the use of Read more
  • Benefits to Chemical Peels
    Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins and her skilled medical team provide chemical peels in Beverly Hills, MI, at Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute for patients looking to improve the appearance of their Read more
  • Tired of Wrinkles? We Can Help
    Our dermatologist can help you maintain your skin’s youth.  Want to smooth away lines and wrinkles on the face to improve your appearance and look younger? There are more wrinkle treatment Read more
  • Treating Your Acne
    Find out when you should turn to a dermatologist for acne treatment.  Acne can be a stubborn problem that people of all ages deal with. While many people associate those embarrassing Read more
  • Botox Can Give You the Confidence You Deserve
    Find out how this simple injectable can take years off of your face. So you want to get Botox but wish to learn more about this cosmetic treatment before turning to Read more
  • What Types of Treatments Are There for Acne?
    Learn more about your treatment options for getting acne under control Dealing with acne? Want to know the different treatment options available so you can make a better and more informed Read more
  • Protect Your Skin this Summer
    Here are some helpful tips to keep your skin safe and protected. Summertime means more fun in the sun while keeping your skin protected during beach days, outdoor runs, and backyard Read more

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