When To See a Dermatologist

Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute and Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins can help with many skin problems. We’re a dermatologist that Beverly Hills, MI, trusts to diagnose problems properly and provide skilled and professional care. If you’re unsure when you should work with us, read the following information to learn more about how we can help you.

Your Acne Isn’t Responding to Normal Care

Are you trying to get rid of severe acne, but it isn’t responding to normal treatments? You might need to contact us today. Our team of dermatological specialists can help you better understand what is impacting you. We’ll do whatever we can to diagnose and treat your condition and ensure you get the clean and smooth skin you deserve. 

A Skin Condition Is Causing Scarring

Do you have a skin condition that causes scarring on your skin? For example, severe sunburns or acne can cause scars that may last a lifetime. Don’t let this problem affect you; instead, contact our Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute team. We’ll identify what is happening and provide treatments, including skin repair techniques, to improve your appearance.

You Notice Persistently Rough and Scaly Skin

Are you developing patchy and rough skin areas that look a little like scales? You might be developing a condition like eczema or something more serious that requires immediate attention. Call our Beverly Hills, MI, dermatologist Dr. Misra-Higgings to identify what is going wrong and get the hands-on treatment that can minimize your symptoms more effectively.

Other Skin Problems Develop

There are many reasons why you might need to contact us for treatment. The following conditions are some of the most common reasons people visit dermatologists. They include not only skin problems but issues with nails that may spread rapidly:

  • Fungus develops under your nails and spreads
  • Sores on your skin that fail to heal within two weeks
  • Unexpected hair loss or bald patches spread across your skin
  • Rashes develop across parts of your body and refuse to go away
  • Skin changes develop near moles, or if your moles change shape
  • Inflammation and pain develop anywhere on your skin

Don’t let these problems affect you and cause serious pain! Instead, contact us right away to get hands-on treatment and work your way through these difficult conditions.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

By now, you should understand when you need to call us at Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute to get treatment. Dr. Misra-Higgins is a skilled dermatologist who can treat Beverly Hills, MI, skin problems quickly and effectively. If you’re interested in working with us, contact our team by calling (248) 723-5802 to learn more about the many care options we provide you.

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