What To Expect When Seeing a Dermatologist

What to expect when seeing a dermatologist depends greatly on the reason for a visit. Dermatologists take care of the largest organ in the body, your skin. People of all ages can benefit from visiting a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, MI. Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins of Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute offers treatments for both medical and cosmetic issues affecting your skin.


Your visit will begin with a consultation which includes getting all your pertinent medical information and medical history. You will discuss the reason for your visit, whether it is medical or cosmetic, and what your expectations are. If you are here for a medical condition, the doctor may discuss the family history with you and any medications you are currently taking for any conditions you may have.


The next step is the evaluation, which will involve an examination. If you are here for a skin cancer check, you will be asked to get into a gown and the doctor will examine your skin for any indications that you have skin cancer or pre-cancerous growths. Getting a skin exam every year is as important as getting your yearly physical. If you are visiting our dermatologist in Beverly Hills, MI, for acne or another rash, the doctor will do a thorough exam of the level and type of skin condition that you have before making recommendations.


Our dermatologist has many options for the treatment of whatever condition you are suffering from. With acne, there may be some lifestyle changes suggested. The treatment will depend on the seriousness of the acne that you are suffering from. For skin that looks dull and lifeless and makes you feel old, it may be time to get a chemical peel. If the doctor has concerns about any growth that you may have, they will do a biopsy to check for cancer. If it is cancer, the treatment will be dependent on the type of cancer that it is.

Follow Up

Most conditions that you visit our dermatologist for will require a follow-up visit to see how things are going. If it is a serious condition like skin cancer, it may require that you have regular visits at intervals the doctor will decide are necessary.

Your skin is a huge organ and many things can affect its health and appearance. Having regular dermatologist visits can make your skin look and be as healthy as it should be.

Contact Dr. Misra-Higgins of Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute when you are in need of a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, MI. Call our office at (248) 723-5802.

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