Laser Hair Removal - What There Is To Know

For the removal of unwanted hair, you have a few options to choose from, they each have their own set of benefits as well as drawbacks. But if you are looking for long-lasting results without the discomfort of certain treatments then you should consider laser hair removal. Some of the benefits, as well as considerations, of laser hair removal, will be covered below but if you would like to learn more you can reach out to your local Beverly Hills, MI, skin experts of the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute with Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins.

How It Works

By employing beams of concentrated light your doctor can target your skin follicles directly, which are the cavities under your skin from where hair grows. The laser can be adjusted to focus directly onto these because of the contrast of the color of your hair against the pigment of your skin, something that can make the treatment more effective on darker hair against lighter skin, but the laser can be fine-tuned to handle different hair and skin colors.

What You Can Expect

Because hair grows in phases it may be necessary to schedule a few sessions for optimal results, your doctor may be able to let you know how many you should expect.

Plucking and waxing can be painful alternatives, so in that context, there is little discomfort with laser hair removal. Some patients have likened the experience to having a rubber band snapped onto their skin depending on where on the body the treatment is taking place.

Recovery time is likewise minimal, you'll be able to return to everyday activities directly after the treatment. You may be advised to wear sunscreen on exposed skin, but that's a common recommendation to protect your skin, even if you've not undergone the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Beverly Hills, MI

If you are interested in laser hair removal in Beverly Hills, MI, you can schedule a visit with Dr. Misra-Higgins of the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute by dialing (248) 723-5802.

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