Can My Dermatologist Help With Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a struggle that anyone can struggle with. With hair loss, you may feel frustrated and not be sure where to start with addressing this issue. You may not realize that you can actually discuss hair loss and your options for treating it with your dermatologist. Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins at Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute in Beverly Hills, MI, can help you deal with hair loss and discuss your options for treating hair loss and feeling comfortable with your look again.

Dealing with Hair Loss

If you’ve started noticing the signs of hair loss, you may feel at a loss of options, and you might not know what you can do to treat this issue. Your dermatologist in Beverly Hills, MI, can help diagnose and identify your hair loss and help you find the best form of treatment to deal with the root cause of your hair loss.

There are different options for hair loss treatment that depend on the cause of hair loss. If you’re dealing with hair loss, it’s often hereditary, but hormones can also play a big role in this. There are different medications that your dermatologist may prescribe in order to treat hair loss and stimulate natural hair growth. It could be topical or oral, depending on the symptoms that you’re dealing with.

In certain cases, your dermatologist may recommend other forms of treatments to stimulate hair growth, such as supplements or PRP therapy. These both help stimulate natural hair growth and encourage your body to continue growing hair.

Contact Your Dermatologist Today

Your dermatologist can help you with a wide variety of issues, including hair loss. Contact Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins at Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute in Beverly Hills, MI, to learn how you can treat hair loss today. Call for more information and to schedule your appointment today at (248) 723-5802.

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