Understanding Acne: Types, Causes, and Triggers

If you reside in Michigan, there is no better dermatology practice to visit for help with acne than the Beverly Hills Skin Care Clinic in Beverly Hills, MI. Our doctor, Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins, has over 20 years of experience in dermatology. Our doctor wants to explain the different types of this condition, its causes, and triggers. 

Three Types: Its Causes, Its Triggers

This common skin ailment strikes teenagers and adults. When dead skin cells and oil accumulate under the skin in your pores, pimples develop. When the skin follicles become inflamed and break open, pimples develop as mild, moderate, or severe. Beverly Hills, MI, is home to the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute, which explains various types of acne.

Vulgaris (three types):

  • Comedonal: blackheads, white bumps
  • Cystic: face or body, inflammation, painful
  • Nodular: large, hard, deep blemishes


This condition develops when excess skin is subjected to excessive heat and pressure. It is found frequently in athletes due to wearing sports gear like pads, sweatbands, and helmets and is localized to the area of the chafing. 


It is a known fact that you should not pick pimples, although everyone undoubtedly has done this at some time. For some people, doing this is related to a mental health issue. Breaking the skin of a pimple causes a wound that may lead to a nodule or a cyst. Our doctor can help these injuries heal without scarring. 

Each type of acne has its specific treatment recommendations, depending on the stage. Successful treatment options can be OTC products. However, sometimes, these OTC products are not strong enough to treat your specific stage of inflammation, and it would be best to come and see our doctor for prescription medication. Our doctor has many individualized treatment options to meet your specific skin issue. 

Treat Pimples Successfully 

If you have pimples and have tried many OTC products without successful results, it is time to call Dr. Misra-Higgins at the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute in Beverly Hills, MI, at 248-723-5802 for an acne appointment to free yourself from this condition.

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