When To Worry About Moles: Signs of Skin Cancer and Seeking Professional Evaluation

Michigan Dermatologist Talks about the Dangers of a Skin Mole

Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins is the medical doctor at her practice, the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute (BHSCI) in Beverly Hills, MI, and examines moles for cancer. Our doctor's dermatology experience spans over 20 years of serving residents in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.

The doctor provides many types of skin services to Michigan residents in and around Beverly Hills and wants to inform individuals about the signs of skin cancer associated with a skin mole. 

Signs of Skin Cancer Related to Skin Lesions

Skin lesions are usually benign, harmless, and pesky things that develop in the most sensitive areas of your body, and you often want them removed. The only way to know for sure if a lesion is cancerous is to come to us for a skin cancer check and put your mind at ease. This type of cancer is one of the easiest to treat if the doctor catches it early and treatment starts as soon as possible.  

The Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute in Beverly Hills, MI, explains that moles need random checking by self-examining your skin at least every month and making regular dermatology appointments. 

Some areas of your body are hard to examine, such as your back, the backs of your legs, and your scalp, and that is our job. Coming for a skin checkup every six to twelve months allows our doctor to monitor any areas of concern. 

There are signs to look for that may signify the lesion is cancerous. However, it takes the expertise of a dermatologist to give you that diagnosis. 

  • A new lesion
  • Changes in the mole/shape/color
  • Shades of color in brown/tan/black/contain areas of blue/red/ pink/gray
  • Unevenly shaped/ragged edges/notched/blurred
  • A growing mole/protruding/scaly/dry/hard/lumpy
  • Itchy/painful
  • Oozing blood/fluid
  • Larger size than a pencil eraser

Mole Removal

If our doctor decides that you need a mole removed and biopsied, the process only takes minutes and is not uncomfortable. Removal options could be as follows.

  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Burning with electric current
  • Shaving with a surgical blade

Our doctor may decide to excise the mole to reach a deeper depth. The doctor may need to apply a stitch or two in these cases. The doctor may use this option for a mole proving cancerous.  

The Critical Need for Skin Cancer Checks at Least Annually

You know when there are questionable areas of concern when looking at your skin. The only way to tell if moles are cancerous is to call Dr. Mirsa-Higgins at (248) 723-5802 in Beverly Hills, MI, at the Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute (BHSCI) and request a skin cancer checkup today. Skin cancer can't wait. Call us today.

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