Why You Should Consider Seeking a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment

Acne is an embarrassing condition. Most of us will experience most heavily during puberty when it's hard enough not to feel self-conscious. Those unfortunate enough to deal with acne as an adult might be worried about their condition affecting their personal and professional relationships. The Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute and Dr. Indira Misra-Higgins in Beverly Hills, MI, treat acne sufferers of all ages. We can diagnose the causes and recommend medical treatments and adjustments to your hygiene routine that will chase the pimples away for good.

What Is Acne?

Most of us are familiar with what acne looks like, but maybe not what it is. Your skin is covered with fine hairs and oils all over. When healthy, these hairs and oils soften the skin and keep it from drying. Skin cells called "keratinocytes" line the follicles. Usually, these cells rise up to replace dead skin through small holes in the follicles called "pores." However, the pores sometimes become clogged with skin oils and dead skin, forcing the cells to build up under the skin's surface. When this happens, your body forms irritating bumps known as pimples. Our Beverly Hills, MI patients report their acne causing embarrassment and discomfort.

Causes and Treatments of Acne

A common cause of acne is the body producing an above-average amount of oils around the follicles. Hormonal changes are one of the leading causes of this phenomenon, which is why teenagers are one of the most heavily affiliated groups. Improving and enhancing skin care hygiene is handy for people suffering from outbreaks. Teenagers and pregnant women are highly encouraged to increase the frequency they wash their face. However, although good skin hygiene reduces your chances of a bad outbreak and can lessen its severity, it is not always a good enough cure. That's where we come in. We analyze your symptoms, find areas to improve hygiene, and apply medicine. Many different sources can cause outbreaks, so if you're experiencing an outbreak later in life or that won't go away, you should contact us immediately.

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